Hi! I’m Amulya Parmar

Share Skills. Inspire Knowledge.

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I believe in creating evolving open-source technologies for change. I operate at the intersection of change, innovation, and medicine every day. I live to inspire knowledge and share skills.

My Specialities

Building Online Platforms

Crafting Online Marketing

Developing Collaborative Education

Optimizing large-scale solutions


Coding [HTML, CSS, Javacsript, MySQL]
Client Management and Scaling Solutions
Researching, Writing, and Editing
Public Speaking



Education & Jobs

08.2013 - Current

Lead Developer and Engineer

Management Team at NeuroSpring
04.2010 - Current

Founder & CEO

DomainSSD | A Webhosting and Encryption Company
12.2012 - Current

Founder & CEO

DoubleTapThis - A Social Innovation Agency

Hobbies & Interests


Rabble nominated co-host

Writing Music

my soundcloud

Research & Development

specializing in otolaryngology

My Latest Impact Projects

Third World Tutors

Through ThirdWorldTutors, for the first time you, anywhere in the world, can learn the valuable skill of coding, marketing, SEO, and more with premium courses for FREE for anyone globally!


We innovate new breakthrough products that raise money for charity. Projects include TopioGames.com, WhyURL.com, 3Dprosthetics (3d.themoderncharity.org)

Free Hosting Project

Powered by DomainSSD, the Free Hosting Project powers 100 nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals with free hosting and websites. In hopes to continue making a positive impact, I created this project to create other leaders in the community.

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Born and Raised in Michigan
United States of America

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